We are very pleased with the UltraplyXL® product.
Volunteer Floor Covering
It has been a very reliable product, as we are very selective what goes down under our products.
Floor Fashions Co., Inc.
We like this underlayment for installing vinyl
Paulsons Floor Coverings
We like this product very much
North Haven Tile
We are happy with the way it performs
Spieldenner Carpet One
So far we have not had any problems with the UltraplyXL
Allwein Carpet One
Great quality, easy to cut, exact thickness side to side and end to end.
Wright Flooring Co.,Inc.
Dear Sirs:

Can you tell me if you know of a retailer in MA who carries your products?  I'm looking for a small amount of UltraplyXL for use in home improvement work.  I hear your products are excellent.




Installer’s like the product

Ralph’s Floor Fashions


Excellent product, I have used 6/10 pallets per year for 5-6 years and never had a problem in that time.

Rigdon Floor Coverings, Inc.


Great Product, No problems

East Winaker Floor Covering


Great Product, installer’s love using it.

United Builders Supply Co.


It rocks my socks, but a little spendy

Swell City

I just wanted to convey my appreciation for your responsible management efforts.  I am a former naval architect & wooden boat builder, and have seen the quality of available timber resources decrease dramatically in the past twenty-plus years.  I had given up on building a wooden boat for myself due to the expense of Lloyd's-rated marine lumber and the poor ethics of supporting irresponsible timber practices.  I have been collecting mahogany, cedar, and redwood, from demolished homes over the past few years in the hopes of using these in my boat. I found your UltraplyXL at my local LOWES.  It appears to be a very dense grain count per inch.  After performing boil, glue shear, & core tests in my shop, (consistent glue strength in laminations, no voids) I have decided to use it as a poor man's planking for my small gaff rig cutter.  I understand UltraplyXL is not certified/recommended for marine use, et al.  With proper epoxy encapsulation, along with Dynel or fiberglass sheathing, the UltraplyXL planking should outlast me!

I thought my wooden boatbuilding days were over...  Thank you for giving this impoverished boat builder another chance at performing his craft.

Most sincerely & respectfully,

Former proprietor of Three Rivers Marineworks

I would like to know if your company still supplies Lowe’s with your product UltraplyXL?  I used it on one of my boats and liked the product.

Thanks for your time. 


Neff’s Classic Boats



I have just spent a week building a boat with my brother-in-law in Northern Wisconsin.  We used your UltraplyXL and we were extremely pleased with the product.  I live in North Central Georgia and would like to know where in my area I could find your products.

Thank you,


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