1. Condition UltraplyXL® Underlayment panels 24 to 48 hours to the room environment in which they will be installed.
2. Install UltraplyXL® stamp/sticker down before installing the finished floor.
3. Install the long dimension of the panel perpendicular to the floor joists for maximum rigidity.
4. Make sure UltraplyXL® Underlayment seams offset any subfloor panel seam by at least 6”.
5. Stagger panels, ashlar fashion, so that four corners do not meet. Offset Underlayment joints by at least 16”.
6. Leave a minimum 1/8” gap at walls.
7. Lightly butt all panels, but do not force sheets into place.
8. Fasten panels securely to a structurally sound, smooth, clean and dry sub-floor with 18 gauge staples with chiseled ends and/or 12 gauge non-staining, galvanized ring groove shank nails.
9. Make sure fasteners do not penetrate through the subfloor or into the floor joists.
10. Position fasteners in the field on 4” inch centers.
11. Attach edge fasteners 1 ½” apart and 3/8;” from edge.
12. Set fasteners flush or slightly below the panel surface.
13. Fill all edge joints and other surface depressions with a PORTLAND BASED LATEX MODIFIED PATCH, and sand smooth. Make sure patch is FULLY DRY before installing the finished floor.

* Notes & Exceptions:
The Moreland Company has the highest quality of standards in the market. Environment and temperature should be noted to ensure acclimation. The finished floor should be installed immediately after UltraplyXL® Premium Underlayment to prevent job site influenced damage. Moreland Company is not responsible for faulty installation. No defective material is to be installed. Final inspection of each panel is the responsibility of the installer.

Panel Placement
Staple Pattern
Ashlar Fashion: At least 16"
Butterfly Pattern: 4" on center

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