ULTRAPLYXL UNDERLAYMENT LIFETIME WARRANTY: UltraplyXL Underlayment Plywood will hold floor covering firmly when the floor covering is installed in accordance with the floor covering and adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. UltraplyXL underlayment plywood in all applications when handled and used as floor underlayment in accordance with these installation instructions is guaranteed for Life:

º Not to have core voids or core laps that render this plywood un-useable as underlayment
º Not to be the sole cause of the floor covering “yellowing”
º Not to transfer wood colors to the floor covering

Under this warranty and any and all implied warranties is expressly limited to, at the company’s option:
(A) Supplying replacement panels, or
(B) Refunding the full purchase price of the panels, or
(C) Repairing underlayment, adhesive and floor covering affected without charge, or
(D) Refunding the full cost (including installation cost) of the underlayment, adhesive and floor covering affected.

In the event of yellowing an independent lab will be employed to determine the cause of the yellowing, the “at fault” material supplier will be liable for all costs incurred due to the problem. In no event shall the company’s liability for any claim exceed the wholesale cost (including installation cost) of the underlayment, adhesives, and floor covering affected.

This warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation of floor covering material. In addition; ruptures to the floor surface, standing water, fire, floods, natural disasters, or fault in the plumbing that affects the performance of the floor system are not covered. This warranty is transferable and covers use in residential and commercial applications. Warranty does not cover against tile pop. Liability shall expressly exclude any other liability to the purchaser or any other person for direct, indirect, or consequential damages.

You must notify Moreland Co., USA within 30 days after discovery of product found to be defective under this warranty. An authorized Moreland Co. representative must be given the opportunity for 30 days after such notice to inspect floor prior to any alterations, change, or repair. In any case where Moreland Co. is not notified before any alteration, change, or repair is made to the floor, Moreland Co. is released from any liability on the claim.

All claims must be submitted in writing within 30 days after the discovery of any defect to the:

Moreland Company USA
1617 S. Tuttle Ave, 3rd Floor
Sarasota FL 34239

Notes & Acceptions:
The Moreland Company USA has the highest quality of standards in the market. Environment and temperature should be noted to ensure acclimation. The finished floor covering should be installed immediately after completed UltraplyXL Premium Underlayment installation to prevent job sight influenced damage. Moreland Company USA is not responsible for faulty installation. No defective or damaged material is to be installed, and final inspection of each panel is the responsibility of the installer.

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