º 15 year warranty
º 3 ply uni-directional core = added stability
º 4 x 8 and 4 x 4 size available for convenience
º Score and snaps with a knife for easy installation
º Approved by major flooring manufacturers
º The FIRST underlayment guaranteed against "yellowing"
º Clear face with no defects = very smooth
º Solid back
º Solid core
º High solid marine grade phenolic glue line - will not delaminate
º Select hardwood construction
º Guaranteed not to warp, buckle, or delaminate
º No callbacks!
º Guaranteed not to have core voids or core laps that render plywood unusable as underlayment
º Calibrated 5.5 mm thickness to ensure consistency
© 2003 Moreland Companies USA
Created by Michael Cornish Design